• Removed Custom Command argument that caused login issues on >1.12.2
  • Implemented BungeeCord command suggestions



  • Added BungeeCord support
  • Updated license to LGPL-3.0 (was GPL-3.0)
  • Converted commands to Brigadier
  • Added MiniMessage support to MOTD
  • Added customizable tab ordering (use with caution)
  • Nickname prefix may now be changed in the config
  • Added toggling for MOTD handling
  • Fixed a bug where staff members would show up in the stafflist multiple times
  • Fixed message command throwing an error when used in console
  • Added customizable private message formatting
  • Fixed some typos in the config
  • Added customizable tab formatting (see tab.format.player)


Fixes in this version:

  • Join/Leave spam when the backend server is offline
  • A typo that restricted users from disabling /server
  • StaffChat being broadcasted to the main discord channel
  • StaffChat not working when proxy-wide chat was disabled.


New in this version:

  • Command logging
  • More config options
  • New SocialSpy and StaffChat format
  • Safer Luckperms interactions
  • Fixed an error that occurred when a player pinged the proxy and the backend server is offline
  • Added %players% placeholder to the discord Now Playing field
  • Added more discord commands ex. !online, !players, !list
  • Migrating from 0.1.3 to 0.2.0:

Note: You MUST copy your config changes into the new config for Catalyst to function properly.

  • Copy the existing Catalyst config to another directory
  • Remove the existing config from the velocity directory
  • Remove Anvil 0.1.0 and Catalyst 0.1.3 from the plugins folder
  • Download Anvil 0.2.0 and Catalyst 0.2.0
  • Update Velocity 1.1.0 to the latest snapshot here
  • Place all jars in their respective directories, and boot the proxy.
  • Open both new and old versions of the Catalyst config and copy the fields over.


Fixes in this version:

  • Fixed leave messages so they can accept color codes
  • Cleaned up the /server command so that the dividers don't wrap to the next line


Changes in this version:

  • Added ViaVersion support
  • Added Emojis (texture pack provided below)
  • Fixed chat color being reset when saying another player name in chat
  • Fixed duration message not displaying properly when banning/muting a player
  • Added a better description of AdvancedServerInfo
  • Removed the long list of swears from the config by default, they can be found below
  • Fixed a bug where the MOTD defined in the Velocity config would be shown instead of the one defined in the Catalyst config
  • Fixed an issue where disabling proxy-chat in the config wouldn't actually disable it
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