DataSync Commands

DataSync Commands


helpShows base help page
lock [on|off]Locks / unlocks commandsdatasync.lock
reloadReloads plugindatasync.reload
testUploads and then downloads a snapshotdatasync.test
upload|upUploads a snapshot for all players on the serverdatasync.snapshot.create

/sync optimize

helpShows optimize help pagedatasync.optimize.base
info|iGets info on the current manual optimizationdatasync.optimize.base
start|s <all|user> [<user>]Starts manual optimization, deletes old snapshots. (mode "all" will optimize every user in the database)datasync.optimize.all
stopStops manual optimizationdatasync.optimize.base

/sync snapshot

create|c|upload|up <user>Creates a manual snapshot for the user and uploads to DBdatasync.snapshot.create
delete <user> <date>Deletes snapshot for userdatasync.snapshot.delete
edit|e|view <user> [<date>]Edits / views snapshot for user from DB. If no date is provided, latest snapshot is selecteddatasync.snapshot.view.base datasync.snapshot.view.edit
helpShows snapshot help pagedatasync.snapshot.base
info|i <user> [<date>]Shows info for a snapshot. If no date is provided, latest snapshot is selecteddatasync.snapshot.base
list|l <user> [<date>]Lists available snapshots for userdatasync.snapshot.base
restore|r|download|down <user> [<date>]Manually restores snapshot from DB. If no date is provided, latest snapshot is selecteddatasync.snapshot.restore
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